Already and Not Yet

Bill Seal, from The Village Church, has some great insights into how we should think about Christ’s return, and how it is not so much about waiting and looking for “signs of the times”.

The discussion of “the already, but also not yet” is not primarily an eschatological discussion. The larger questions are not “When is He coming?” or “What is the sequence of events of His return?” The larger questions, rather, are “What do we do while we wait?” and “How do I hasten his coming?” Do I really wait expectantly and long for His return? I recently went on a mission trip with a Village team to southern Sudan. As the week went on, even though the accommodations and the food were quite adequate, I began to think about those things back home for which I longed—a hot shower, a full-sized bed without mosquito netting, air conditioning, ice in my drink glass, roads without pot holes, a cheeseburger…

How often do you think about and long for the return of Christ? In fact, when is a reasonable time for His return? Perhaps this week is not good. You may have behind-home-plate tickets to the Rangers’ game Friday including a parking pass, dinner plans for Saturday, vacation plans for next week. You think perhaps some time in August might work. You think, I’ll check my calendar, Lord, and get back to you. Those believers in war-ravaged southern Sudan and other places around the world where there is uncertainty, extreme poverty, orphans and darkness are longing for His return any time, like the believers to whom John wrote in Revelation.

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