A Church Plant in Rio Rancho

I am currently, as I type this, at Starbucks in Rio Rancho, NM. This Starbucks is right across from an Intel computer chip plant.

Today I have been busy putting together a rough draft outline of a proposal to hand into my church’s elders. This proposal is for a church to be sent out and planted (started) here in Rio Rancho.

As I wrote this proposal up, and now sit here, I cannot help but dream and pray for this city. What would it be like for the people who love Jesus living in Rio Rancho to be passionate about seeing the gospel spread throughout their city? What would it be like to see lives radically transformed by the gospel message of Jesus Christ? What would it look like for a young church to be passionate about adoption? How will this church stand and be seen in the face of hard times that are sure to come? How will this church seek the welfare of the city of Rio Rancho?

Those are a couple of the questions that I had going through my mind this morning. The reality is, is that God is at work now in Rio Rancho, and we are praying to join along in that work.

This plant will be Desert Springs Church’s first plant, and to be the lead on this plant is an honor and at times if I am honest, very overwhelming. I did not grow up in the church, heck up to 7 years ago I never even had been in an Evangelical Protestant church, let alone getting ready to be a lead pastor in one. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the Christian bubble. I am still learning the language of “christianese”. Yet, by God’s Grace and really only because of that, I am sitting here planning and praying through what a church planted in Rio Rancho will look like. God is good!

Over the next months and years there will be more updates given on the progress of this church plant. I am excited, Lauren is excited, and the reason for the excitement is because we are expectant of big things from God. Not big things like the next mega-church, but big things like growing closer to Jesus through good times and more-so through the bad times that are sure to come in this process. We are excited and yes, a bit nervous, to trust God, follow Jesus, and be led by the Holy Spirit in this new adventure.

to be continued….


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