Mark Driscoll: Image of God

I have been reading through Mark Driscoll’s book, “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe”. It has been a very good read and I have enjoyed much of this book. I just finished the chapter titled “Image: God Loves”, here are a few choice quotes.

“To be conformed to the image of Jesus means God by his grace through his Spirit by his gospel, bit by bit, causes the mirror of our life to be increasingly like Jesus Christ’s so that we image God increasingly well.” (pg. 139)

Driscoll then follows that up with commenting on how we will not do this perfectly but must push forward.

“Admittedly, as Christians we do sin, chase folly, and in our worst moments seem to be breaking our mirror while God is repairing it. Regardless, to image God requires ongoing humble repentance and a fiercely devoted steadfastness to change as God commands and with God pick up the pieces of our life shattered through sin.” (pg. 139)

Click here to buy this very helpful, readable book by Mark Driscoll.


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