5 Best Quotes from Acts 29 Pastor Retreat

Bob Thune:

Every summer, Acts 29 lead pastors and their wives from across the country gather in Colorado for 3 days of rest, refreshment, and reconnecting. At these retreats we dive in deeply with each other and often hear “off the record” from some of the key leaders and influencers within the Acts 29 movement. Here are the five best quotes from the teaching time at this year’s retreat:

  • “How many of you guys are in your 20’s? [Pause to let audience raise hands] You don’t know ANYTHING!” – Mark Driscoll
  • “Why don’t you stop blogging about election and go find some elect people?” – Mark Driscoll, lambasting Calvinists who love doctrine but don’t share the gospel with anyone
  • “Don’t come up in here talking about yo’ Reformed theology if God ain’t sovereign from your waist down!” – Eric Mason, talking about young black men in his church committing sexual immorality
  • “My elders be flankin’ me… if you want to step to a girl in my church, you gotta come through a FLEET of dudes!” – Mason, talking about protecting his flock from irresponsible young men
  • “God, I know you sometimes take your people home early… I’m just praying you wouldn’t do that with my daddy.” – Matt Chandler describing his 7-year-old daughter’s prayer for him at bedtime one night

Coram Deo Blog » The Five Best Quotes from Acts 29 Pastor’s Retreat


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