AWOL Ambassadors

Yesterday I preached at Desert Springs Church on 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21. In it Paul describes his motivation, and ministry invovled in being an Ambassador for Christ.

Over at the Acts 29 blog Reid Monaghan has a great piece on what being an AWOL Ambassador looks like.

He starts off:

I have always found it a bit amazing that God chooses to transform rebellious, sinful and wayward people into new creations who he then calls to be his ambassadors. An ambassador is one who both represents for a kingdom or nation and carries the message of that realm to others.  As Jesus’ church we represent the Kingdom of God while living among the kingdoms of this world and we bring the saving gospel message to those around. That message is that God forgives sin, removes guilt, turns away wrath, frees us from his just condemnation, makes us clean and makes us part of his family. This is all through the work of Jesus on the cross.  God saves us from sin, death and hell and creates a new community out of such people.  In light of our calling and message, I find it puzzling that Jesus’ followers can sometimes be AWOL from this mission. The following are seven simple ways I think we can become AWOL Ambassadors.

Click Here to see ways Ambassadors for Christ go AWOL


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