Dave Bruskas on Cultivating a Gospel Centered Marriage

My friend Dave Bruskas has written a very insightful post on what it means to cultivate a gospel-centered marriage.

Here is an excerpt:

Most marriages today have a tendency to accept sin in either spouse. One spouse becomes dominant and the other passive. The couple goes through life trying to manage sin rather than allowing God to change them from the inside out.

Sin-managing marriages are not healthy. A healthy marriage is Christ-centered, which means:

  • Gospel-centered
  • Transparent
  • Growing (not perfect!)

A Christian marriage is committed to see sin put to death through the finished work of Christ and through the abiding Holy Spirit, who radically transforms us on a day-in and day-out basis. For the couple, this means:

  • Constant repentance
  • Constantly seeking forgiveness
  • Constant openness to change

Read the rest here from TheResurgence.com.


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