ReTrain Day 2 ReCap

Day 2 started off with another time of worship through song, today it was led by Joel Brown of Mars Hill Ballard. It was another great time of worship. There is something very cool about 100 dudes singing to Jesus.

Bill Clem led us through a discussion about what it means to be an Image Bearer of God. He showed us through scripture that all humans are image bearers, and that image in all of us has been perverted and distorted by sin. As image bearers we all have some fingerprints of God ingrained into who we are.

While we all are image bearers with somethings, only Christians can actually realize what it means to be Jesus Mirrors. In other words, only those who follow and love Jesus, who are in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit (all believers) can be a true image bearer.

We do this specifically in 3 ways:
1. When we reflect Jesus to God it is Worship.
2. When we reflect Jesus to other believers it is Community
3.When we reflect Jesus to the world it is Mission.

The 2nd part of the day was spent at the Mars Hill Downtown Campus right in the heart of downtown Seattle.

We broke up in our cohorts and were given a district of downtown to go and explore. Not just explore like a tourist, but as a missiologist and missionary. We were to ask people about passions, about community and about spiritual interest. Then from those answers and what we saw, we were to think through how the Gospel speaks into each district, and what bridges will need to be made in order to reach the people.

We were given the Bell-Town district, which includes the Seattle Market as well as some indie areas. This was a mix of upper class and poverty. There were multimillion dollar condos next to homeless shelters. There were a couple things in common though that we observed with the people.
1. There is a want for some form of community. Whether it was a cool indie coffee shop or a dive bar, people wanted to be around people, not necessarily for actual community,  but at least for the illusion of it. People need people, no matter what socio-economic level.

2. There is a high priority for individualism. Whether it is the cool bar, the indie music, the anti-Starbucks coffee shops, or the trendy ethnic restaurants, all were showcases of people’s passion to be independent. This also meant that we saw a dog park, tons of people walking alone with their dogs, and no children.

This project we did, really has challenged me with thinking through how to reach Rio Rancho, New Mexico. It has also made me rethink a lot about what it means to be missional on the campus and in the city. I am excited to continue to think through and live out the implications that Jesus is teaching me from today.

One other thing this day taught, I pray for, appreciate and understand Mark Driscoll in new ways, but that is for my next post…


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