Don’t Waste Your Coffee

Good thoughts here from Erik Raymond. Even coffee is to be done to the glory of God!

My life is a vapor. It is a blip on the screen. I am here for a little while and then I vanish away.

Surely the problems and hardships of the day ahead and the days behind are not interpreted in light of this. In my mind every day is like a thousand years; I am living forever. But this is simply not true. My life is a vapor and my coffee reminds me of what the Scriptures shout to me.

You should see here how my second observation (my life is a vapor) helps with my first (do all to the glory of God). In light of the fact that life is short I don’t have time to jack around being stupid, immature and selfish. Instead, I need to grow up, serve Jesus and have fun. I only have so many rocks to throw into the pond to make a splash for his kingdom, so it’s time to put the mirror of self-admiration down and get to chucking.

The gospel beckons me to hear the Scripture. God numbers my days so I should number my days. Because Christ lived and died for me I need (get) to, today, live for him.

So, don’t waste your coffee. Drink, worship, and live

Read the rest–> Don’t Waste Your Coffee- Erik Raymond.


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