Dracula, Finally Doing Vampires some Justice

Some really good friends of mine own the Elite dance studio which puts on amazing productions. Their latest installment is called “Dracula” (Running 9/10 and 9/11). If you are coming looking for “Twilight” style vampires, you know the pale, emo, metro-sexual type, you will be a bit disappointed, no Team Edward here! Which is honestly refreshing, vampires and Dracula are not meant to be the next pop stars, this production does these characters some historical, and literal justice.

The UNM Newspaper “The Daily Lobo” has a good write up about this upcoming production.

Vampire tales have been done over and over, though audiences never seem to quench their insatiable bloodlust.

Opening Friday, “Dracula,” expresses the animalistic nature of vampires through contemporary dance, said Cheri Costales, director of Elite Dance Studio.

“Dracula is such a small character in the book. You always see the results of Dracula, but there are no details about what he did, and I love that kind of storytelling,” Costales said. “We don’t do that anymore. We show everything. I wanted people to watch a dark story, but there’s redemption in the storyline.”

Read the rest: here

The Production runs Sept 10th and 11th go here to purchase tickets.


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