Why We killed Our Youth Group -Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko is a dude from Albuquerque who moved to Montana to plant Skull Church with some other fellas from ABQ. He just recently decided to kill his youth group ministry.

If you are a church planter or pastor who is stuck in the idea that tradition for tradition’s sake works, watch this video.

Why We killed Our Youth Group | Levi Lusko.


3 thoughts on “Why We killed Our Youth Group -Levi Lusko

  1. Danielle

    Interesting thought. My question is are we trying so hard to not be traditional for the sake of tradition that we are being different for the sake of different? What if we lived our lives how Jesus called us to live, and hold our youth accountable for living the same way instead of babying them? If we give young people good theology, expect them to learn adult behavior much sooner than their peers, provide opportunities to serve the church body and participate in mission, and encourage parents to be ministering to their children not just dropping them off for free baby-sitting I think that would go a long way. I don’t know that I totally support or oppose this, it’s interesting for sure.

  2. Stacy

    So it’s not “youth group” just because they aren’t meeting on Sunday’s during corporate worship? A night of the week set apart for MS and HS students for “a couple songs and then splitting into age/gender appropriate small groups” sure sounds like a youth group to me.

  3. Devan

    I’m a graphic designer at Fresh Life so my opinion might be biased.
    Though I understand where both of your responses are coming from because much like you I felt the same way at first. But it is really easy to ask “are we trying so hard to not be traditional for the sake of tradition that we are being different for the sake of different?” but then if your “traditional” then people say you aren’t trying to reach people, if your “different” then your are “trying to hard”. You say in your statement we should live according to how Jesus called us too and after months of prayer we felt God was calling us to this.

    It isn’t meant for all churches, I’ve been and was brought up in an incredible youth group and grew soo much. The problem we see though is there is a fall off when students leave the youth group and become “adults”. They don’t have their “mini church” of their youth they don’t feel like they fit in at adult church so then they just don’t go. Of course there are exceptions, but we feel that rather than having a large gathering of a 30 – 45 minute teaching trying to keep kids attention another night of the week that it is better to bring them fellowship and community and edification through the previous sunday teaching with probing question and attentive leaders.

    Until you see how it all plays out it may sound funny, but I’ve never seen a youth of a church so united as ours.


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