Josh Dix: A Few Words for Infertile Couples

Desert Springs is a church that is filled with babies. We seem to have a new birth every other day at the church and the nursery is packed with cute little kids. This is a blessing and is what most churches should pray for. There are however families at DSC that do deal with being infertile and this makes attending a church full of babies particularly challenging. Josh Dix from The Journey in St. Louis offers some great wisdom for those families who are thinking through what it means to try other methods to have children.

Josh finishes his post with this:

If you’re reading this you may fall into a few different places on the spectrum–from just seeking information to looking at treatments or even having already tried treatments.  My parting words here are that it’s going to be okay.  You’re going to make it.  It’s not easy and there are not many who will understand.  But as hard as it is to believe it, God still loves you and even in his goodness he allows things like this to happen in our lives.  I’m praying for you now that you find peace and rest in the company of God’s Spirit and his community of believers who are all suffering in different ways.  I am praying now that you find strength to pursue oneness in your marriage, and find joy and laughter in the little moments when you forget about all your sorrows.  And I’m praying for you that the wounds of infertility would stay tender–that you would not shut yourself off to what God may have in store for you despite your hardships, and that whether it’s adoption, foster care, medicine or God’s healing of your bodies, you would continue to pursue bringing children into your home.

Read the Rest Here–> A Few Words for Infertile Couples


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