“Success” – Feeding The Idols of Consumerism

Church Planter and Pastor Brent Thomas has a great quote about how we view success:

As a church planter, I am forced to think a lot about success and failure; who gets to define those terms and why. I was thinking about this earlier today while reviewing a Porterbrook module (if you’re not familiar with the Porterbrook Network, check it out. It’s a great resource). Tim Chester, paraphrasing Drew Goodmanson reminds us that:

“We need to rethink the success of our churches. Too many pastors find their identity in the number of people who attend on Sundays. Your church can have a great number of people attend on Sundays, but if this is where their connection to being the church ends, you may only be feeding the idols of consumerism. Churches should put much more emphasis on creating disciples to embody the gospel in daily life. Lesslie Newbigin writes: ‘I do not believe that the role of the church in secular society is primarily exercised in the corporate action of the churches as organized bodies in the political or cultural fields . . . On the contrary, I believe that it is [exercised] through the action of Christian lay people playing their roles as citizens, workers, managers, legislators.’

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