Entrepreneurs, Motivation, Church Planters, Identity

This article from the Harvard Business School offers some insight into what could be motivation for some entrepreneurs, filling a void for some weakness. The article shows how some of the men who started some of the biggest social media companies did it because they were lacking social strengths in thier own lives.

Here is a piece from the article:

Did Mark Zuckerberg start Facebook friending because he was unable to make friends? That’s the main theme of the hit film The Social Network. Zuckerberg didn’t care about money, several say; he was compensating for a lack of friends.

Did Evan Williams, who just stepped aside as CEO of Twitter, jump on the bandwagon of an instant communication site because he is quiet and slow to make decisions? That’s an inference that can be drawn from a New York Times profile.

These could be examples of entrepreneurship as compensation for personal weaknesses and inner misery.

Read the rest here.

The question needs to be posed to church planters, are we no different? Maybe motivation could be replaced with identity to aim a little more at the heart. Is our excitement about church planting more about giving us identity than actually spreading God’s glory, could growing a church be where we find our salvation rather than Jesus Christ.

Church Planters are entrepreneurs too, but unlike the world we are called first to find our identity in Christ and Christ alone, and from that overflows a life that sees church planting as a mission, not an identity.

This is something I wrestle with daily and know will be a fight but one that the Holy Spirit has given me the strength to win.

Planter, Entrepreneur, do you see this as a battle in your life?


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