A Good Week In Arizona and with Act 29

Last week Lauren and I fly out to Phoenix for an Acts 29 Boot Camp hosted by Praxis Church. Boot Camps are designed to help introduce church planters to the Acts 29 Network, and also to help men think through what it means to be a church planter. I had been to previous boot camps in Dallas and Denver, but was stoked because this was the first one Lauren got to come to. Speakers included Darrin Patrick, Jeff Vanderstelt, Justin Anderson, Wayne Grudem, David Kinnaman, Scott Thomas and Matt Carter. Overall the flow of the boot camp was excellent, and each message did not have too much overlap with each other, but really built off one another.

To read more, check out Josh Reich’s blog where he has posted his notes from each talk. Click here to check them out.

The main reason Lauren and I both went to Phoenix was to be assessed by Acts 29, as we work towards making our church (official name will be unveiled next week) part of this network. The Assessment was awesome, people ask me if it is like an interrogation, I would say no. It was a loving and therefore honest discussion about calling, theology, and how the gospel affects every part of our lives, mine specifically. I really have appreciated the care that was involved in the Acts 29 application process. The network is not as interested in whether a planter will be the next mega church leader, but instead is he called to plant a church, is he already leading and loving his wife and kids. The most important questions was, is you identity bound up in Christ? In other words are you first a follower and servant of Jesus or a church planter. In a world of result based measuring sticks, our assessors sought to look more at our hearts then our hands, which was refreshing and at times very convicting. Lauren and I left feeling very encouraged and loved on, we felt excited to work on areas we saw needed work, and also affirmed in our calling to plant a church in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I am also excited to say that from our assessment I am now an Acts 29 candidate.

I am very excited about where God is leading us, and what He is doing in New Mexico. In a state where the darkness seems to seep into every corner, I feel we are joining God in a work that will see this darkness pierced and people transformed by Jesus and freed from the slavery of the enemy. Aslan truly is on the move!


stay tuned…..


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