Does Seminary Prepare Pastors for Actual Ministry and Make Disciples?

Brent Thomas, an Acts 29 pastor in Arizona offers some really good thoughts in regards to seminary. I do not have an accredited degree from any seminary and one day that may change, but the experiences I have gained from being in ministry, which all Christians are in, and in taking part in the ReTrain Leadership program has been extremely valuable.

Before you dismiss or even strongly agree with his thoughts, read the whole post:

Here is a great excerpt:

I’ve come to wonder if the modern seminary culture exists as it does because churches have failed to properly disciple young men. My first thought here was that we have failed in raising up young leaders, so-called “leadership development,” but the more I think on this, the more I’m convinced that without discipleship, you won’t have leaders. Seminaries can teach leadership ideas but they cannot produce leaders. Life shapes, breaks and molds men who become leaders. Seminary is not real-life. It is an academic bubble where we might not debate how many angels can fit on the head of a pin but we do argue my laparian position against yours.

Seminary might sharpen thinking skills but it provides little in the way of applying those people skills to real people’s real-life problems. One thing I have told young men considering seminary for the pastorate is to take every single counseling class they can because they will not believe how much of their time and energy will go to counseling. But even most seminary-level counseling courses are largely theoretical and leave many men grasping at straws when it comes to applying the gospel to everyday life.

Read the rest here at Holiday At The Sea


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