Having Coffee to God’s Glory

Great testimony from Mars Hill U-District Campus about how Jesus uses simple times of having coffee for His Glory and Name:

“It’s funny how in a place as busy and often lonely as Seattle, Jesus has worked his way into coffee shop culture,” said a Mars Hill U-District community group leader as she reflected on her past several weeks.

Three weeks ago, she and a friend had met up for coffee and to catch up, not realizing that their time together in fellowship would be something that God would use to draw strangers into community and encourage someone desperate for answers and peace.

“We were talking about a recent sermon from Luke, and the girl next to us asked if we were talking about Mars Hill,” she said. After telling the girl that they went to Mars Hill’s U-District campus, the girl ‘friended’ her on Facebook and showed interest in coming to a service.

After the girl left, a young man who was homeless sat at the table next to theirs. He apologized for interrupting their conversation, but requested to plug his phone into the outlet by their table. He proceeded to tell the two girls that his friend was suicidal and that he was worried; he wanted to make sure that if his friend called, he would be able to help.

“We got to talk to him a little bit about our loving God, and—more importantly— pray for his friend” one of the girls said. After praying for the young man’s friend, they finished their conversation and moved on through their day and week. The grace of God was not finished working through the situation as they left though. “God’s been good with follow-up for both of these meetings,” the community group leader said.

The girl who had wondered about Mars Hill connected with the two girls she met in the coffee shop and came to the 5 pm service the following Sunday. She got connected to The City and is now in the process of finding an SPU community group to join.

The young man fearing for his friend? “In between meetings at church, I went back to the same Starbucks and I ran into the young man again. He said that it had been a rough night and that his friend was now in the hospital. I told him that if he was willing, he could come to the church that we belong to, and we could try to find ways to help him. He worried ‘they won’t accept me because I’m a homeless kid,’ and I tried to explain that Jesus himself was homeless and often didn’t know where he would sleep or eat from day to day. The young man said he’d like to check it out after visiting his friend,” she said. He was able to join us for church this last Sunday.

God had handpicked the place, time, and message of hope for these conversations and lives. What was merely supposed to be time for two friends to catch up became a time of transformation and declaration as Jesus moved through conversation and prayer. “God is good and he is so, so faithful.”

Viah: Mars Hill Church | U-District | Blog


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