John MacArthur is Wrong and Needs to Apologize

Darrin Patrick’s book “Church Planter” was one of my top books of 2010. The book is grounded firmly in seeing Jesus as the center of the man, the message and the mission. For John MacArthur to say what he said below was wrong, ignorant, and false, no where in Patrick’s book is their a tone of “develop your own theology”, in fact there is a WHOLE chapter dedicated to “The Historical Message” in regards to the gospel and the history of the church.  To say what was said (read below) publicly is slandering another brother and leader, and for this I pray John MacArthur would repent and apologize publicly.

Via Steve McCoy:

He (John MacArthur) was interviewed on Sunday night by Phil Johnson – Theology & Ministry: An Interview with John MacArthur. Go forward until there’s about 27 minutes remaining and start listening (for context). With a little more than 25 minutes to go you get John MacArthur saying this…

“You know, there’s a new book on church planting written by a guy named Darrin Patrick and it says if you want to be an effective church planter, develop your own theology.

You know when I read that I just almost fell off the chair. What? I mean, can you think of anything worse than to have some guy develop his own theology? This is ultimate niche marketing. Develop your own style, your own wardrobe, and then your own theology.”


One thought on “John MacArthur is Wrong and Needs to Apologize

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