A Gospel-Centered Pro-Life View

To say that abortion is a lightning rod subject in today’s culture is a huge understatement. For many in the church, this is about life and death of millions of babies, which it is for me.

However, how we speak of it at times not a Christians saved by grace, and on mission for the King, but as political commentators who just saddle up alongside the Fox News crew and others on the right. As Christians there has to be a better way to frame the argument, and to love as Jesus loved, He is afterall who we represent above all else.

Jared Wilson has one of the best articles about what it means to be Christian and Pro-Life:

Here is a great excerpt:

A gospel-driven pro-life agenda means hating abortion¬†because we love women and we love the unborn. That sounds like a no-brainer but so many of our evangelical countrymen just sound like they hate abortion. And preaching isn’t just for pastors. In general, more evangelicals need to talk Jesus more than they talk politics, or else we unintentionally communicate that our greatest treasure is “getting our country back” and that our chief message is political. We are great with the good news of the kingdom of the founding fathers. Let’s return to the good news of the kingdom of God.

Click here to read the rest, and may we be the voices of love, grace and care for women and the unborn.


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