Slow Down for Somethings

I am a guy that will make a decision and move on it quickly, this is good for somethings and can be a weakness at times as well. Dave Kraft, pastor at Mars Hill Church, offers a good post about what things in a fast paced world we should as leaders be slow with.

Here are a few things that need to be done slower:

  • Be slow to add someone to your team
  • Be slow to change your vision and direction to please some people
  • Be slow to borrow money or sign for someone who does…even if they are relatives
  • Be slow to take up someone’s cause without hearing the other side of the story
  • Be slow to believe everything you hear or read
  • Be slow to confront and correct until you’ve checked your motives and your heart
  • Be slow to open your mouth and give your opinion
  • Be slow to accuse someone of something
  • Be slow in accusing the Lord of being unfair, unjust or uncaring

At times slower is better. Do these things slower and with His grace you will be a better leader!

Via: Leadership from the Heart


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