Challenger Disaster: 25 years later

25 years ago today the Challenger exploded moments after lift off killing all aboard and shocking a nation, I vaguely remember where I was when I heard about it. I was in kindergarten and it was one of the first times that death and the reality of it started to hit me. It would be another 17 years till I would see Jesus for who He is, the Warrior-King who defeated death on the cross. As Christians we wait with hope and through faith on the day that death and images like these are no more, and we share the victorious message of our King to all who will hear.

Boston.Com has a photo gallery that follows the most well known of the astronauts who died 25 years ago today, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, a school teacher who was and still is an inspiration to many.

Click here to see more photos.


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