Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!


Happy Birthday Dad!! And Yes, Cody is picking his nose 😉

One of the things that many people hear me talk about is our need for better men, men who love Jesus, love their wives and their children. Men who are willing to be dads and husbands and see that as a high calling by God. One of the men who has been like this in my life is my father, Leonard Griego.

My dad has always been an example to me of a dad who loves his kids passionately, who is there for his kids, and who is a loyal and faithful husband. My dad is a man who my children love to see and be around, they call him Pappy. My dad has been far from perfect, yet even in his failures and pits, he is someone who is quick to help others and teach others what he has learned. My dad has been my teacher in many ways, he has taught me how to be strong for others, how to be willing to give selflessly and he also told me when Lauren and I were just friends that I should marry her, so I did ;-).

In a time where good men seem hard to find, seem obsessed with anything and everything but Jesus, wife and family it is important to remember that God is still at work and there are some men who are worth honoring, my dad is one.

Happy 60th Birthday Old Man, I love you and pray to be half the man you are.


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