Partnering for The Gospel in ABQ

The Gospel Coalition has a great article about the New Mexico region of the coalition. It’s main point person is my teaching pastor, Ryan Kelly, and looks to be promising as far as friendships and mission go. I look forward to joining this group as Redemption Church gets planted later this year.

Here is the gist:

No one would confuse Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a bastion of Bible Belt Christianity. Native American and New Age spirituality captivate many of the metropolitan area’s 700,000 residents. The gay and lesbian community claims a strong presence. But that doesn’t mean evangelical churches are small and marginalized. Every year several megachurches baptize hundreds of new Christians, many of whom had long since drifted away from the Roman Catholic Church that played such a significant role in New Mexico history.

Even in a city with such an evident need for the gospel, it’s tempting for churches to compete with one another for migrating members. In this climate church growth can be a mirage. The pool of Christians may grow larger in one church, but it shrinks in others, adding nothing overall. When churches united by the Holy Spirit in gospel-centered doctrine and ministry band together across denominations, however, they offer an especially compelling testimony to the community. That’s what the pastors who have formed The Gospel Coalition’s regional chapter in Albuquerque want to see.

Read the rest here.


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