Lauren Chandler: Advice for Wives of Church Planters

Lauren Chandler, wife to Matt Chandler, has been interviewed here.

One of the questions that caught my attention is below:

What advice would you give to church planting wives who are in the beginning stages of church planting?

Remember that your first ministry is in your home: to your husband and, if applicable, to your children. No matter what demands are placed on you because of the church, do not attend to them at the expense of your home. Also, keep careful watch over your own heart and soul. If needed, see a professional, biblical counselor. There is no shame in that. There was a season early in our life at The Village where I desperately needed that kind of help. I probably could have seen the counselor sooner but fell into the trap of thinking I’d just try harder: read my Bible more faithfully, pray more earnestly, and just be less self-centered. Of course, that never worked because I was more set on perfecting the flesh than dealing with the deep roots of pride in my heart.

Read the rest of the interview here


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