Acts 29 Boot Camp 2.0 Dallas

Acts 29 holds regional conferences called boot camps. These are for people who are intrested in church planting with Acts 29 or just curious about this network. The setup of past boot camps involved 2 days of talks with one section each day devoted to workshops. The 2.0 version of the boot camps will be set up in a new way, read here to see. This new setup will hopefully help those who just are curious come for one day to hear from some of the pastors within the network, for those who stay for the 2nd day it will be a day full of breakout groups to help dive deeper into what planting a church means.

Dallas will hold the first of these new boot camps in March. Click here to find out more.

Here is a blurb from Acts 29:

Acts 29 boot camps are considered some of the best training available for those whom God has called to plant church-planting churches. Over the last ten years, God has used our boot camps to encourage and equip men to plant churches across North America and around the world.

This boot camp will follow ourĀ Boot Camp 2.0 format and will provide opportunities for all kinds of ministry leaders to hear what it takes to plant church-planting churches. It will also provide those specifically interested in spreading the gospel this way a place to talk, learn, dream, and plan for a movement of church-planting churches with some of the best church planting practitioners in their area.


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