Are You a Church Planter?

One thing I love about the Acts 29 Church Planting Network is that they focus more on calling, and a man’s love for Jesus, and his family over the common question, “can he grow a church?”, when it comes to assessing a man as a church planter. Scott Thomas who is the director of the network, has a heart to shepherd men and lead them as they plant and think through if they are called to be a church planter.

Below is a quote from Scott Thomas, click the link to check out questions to wrestle with if you think you may be a church planter:

Every young man that considers church planting asks the question, Am I a Church Planter? It is the question I asked myself before planting a church. It is the question we ask every man who submits himself to our Acts 29 assessment process to be a lead planter in our network. Many times he is depending on our assessment process to confirm his calling.

Not all churches have a vision for church planting and few have insight into what a church planter looks like. Our church leaders should be able to spot a church planter and then send him to plant as soon as he is ready.

Click here for more.


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