Band of Brothers’s Dick Winters on Leadership

Sgt. Dick Winters passed away just a couple months ago. He was a leader that personified leadership by setting the example and leading the way during World War II. Pastors and leaders can learn a lot from men like this.

This quote from Sgt. Winters really exemplifies who he was as a man and leader:

“How do you get the respect of the men?  By living with them, being a part of it, being able to understand what they are going through and not to separate yourself from them.  You have to know your men.  You have to gain their confidence.  And the way to gain the confidence of anybody, whether it’s in war or civilian life or whatever, you must be honest.  Be honest, be fair and be consistent.  You can’t be honest and fair one day, and the next give your people the short end of the stick.”

From the lips of a man who served with him.

“When he said ‘Let’s go,’ he was right in the front.  He was never in the back.  A leader personified.” – Sgt. William “Wild Bill” Guarnere

His story is shown well on the HBO series “Band of Brothers” and in the book the series was based on by the same name, a must see and read if you have not yet.


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