T4G Preview: Scouting Report on the Speakers

Together for the Gospel 2012 

Watch this fun video, then read my breakdown of the action (I did spend almost 10 seasons as a Video Coordinator for the UNM Lobos so this is my expertise, hehe)

Chandler: Good Post Game, needs to go up a bit stronger.

Piper: good off the dribble shot, needs to tighten up on D

Anyabwile: very aggresive defender, needs to watch the hand checking

Duncan: undersized post defender but uses the front in the post well, watch the quick dribble

Platt: Didn’t see much, but my guess is he is the sleeper, maybe a bit Jimmer-like

Mahaney: leading scorer, can get a bit confident in his shot, and lazy on D, all ACC dudes are like that.

DeYoung: pick and roll type player, watch the elbows

Dever: um yeah…will be used as decoy, just don’t foul, remember Hoosiers

Mohler: always has a gameplan, good coach, may have some recruiting violations with the constant texts going on


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