Happy Birthday Mom!

On May 2nd, 1950 God brought Angela Griego, my mother, into the world. 61 years later I am continually grateful for that fact. There are obvious reasons why, for one without her I wouldn’t be here. To know my mom however is to know love, compassion, patience and gentleness up close and in person. Mom was the one who I knew I could talk to about anything as I grew up. There were times of joy such as, when I had my first girlfriend in mid school, and times of tears when said girlfriend dumped me. Through it all, including even more painful times my mom was there, in many ways she was the rock in my life the place I found stability.

In 1999 my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She went through surgery and treatment and the cancer went into remission. In 2007 the cancer returned this time a bit more aggressive. We knew that in many ways cancer would be a battle that our family would be engaged in for the rest of my mom’s life. We do pray for healing and do believe that God can heal if he chooses to do so, but we also know that the biggest healing has taken place for my mother. My mother found her hope, joy and stability not in treatments, or in hopes of a longer life, but in the redemption found in the Gospel. The good news that a Holy God who we all are rebels to, and who is just and righteous and demands us to be perfect and loyal to Him has come and lived and died in Jesus Christ, and rose from the dead (real physical death) 3 days later. God has given our family this gift of faith, in this truth of redemption. This spiritual healing is the greatest healing, and the stability in it is what we are thankful for.

My mom is a beloved Nana to Jordyn, Brayden and Cody, a loved mother-in-law to Lauren (as well as being Lauren’s 4th grade teacher), a faithful and loyal wife to my dad, and a picture of love, care and true nurturing for me, her son.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you am so thankful to God for you and for His work through you!


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