A Big Step for Redemption Church This Sunday

I wrote this over at the Redemption Church blog:

This Sunday marks a giant step in the life of Redemption Church. On Sunday night we will begin our core group gatherings. This will be a time of prayer, vision casting, and already gearing to be on mission. As of right now I do believe Jesus has given us a great, excited and committed team to help start this church plant. I am looking forward to the months to come as we prepare to launch in January. Although the reality is this in some ways is the launching of Redemption Church, if we understand church as the gathering of believers to worship Jesus, we will be doing just that.


We will be worshipping Jesus by praying and planning to be a church that makes an impact on the cities of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, as well as the state of New Mexico. We will be worshipping Jesus as we talk about the things we hold as our key values, things I believe that Jesus holds as key values for His people. We will also be worshipping Jesus as we invite friends and family to our gatherings, our preview services and other events we have so that they can be part of Redemption Church and more importantly join us in the worship and mission of Jesus.


Our aim at Redemption Church is to not be just a church that is filled with “church people”, but to be a church on the move, growing and transforming the city and state. We are not going to settle for a little vision, since we do believe we have a Big God who is passionate about the spreading of His name and glory and using His people towards that end.


We are church that gets excited to be part of making disciples and planting churches; we are praying and planning to be part of a gospel movement here in New Mexico. This is not because we want our name, our glory, or our values to spread, but because we believe Jesus is worthy of all worship, he is the only source of salvation, true healing, lasting hope and eternal joy, and He is the light that our dark cities and state so desperately need.


If you feel this is a church you want to be a part of please email us at info@redemptionrr.org, or join us this Sunday night at 6pm at Desert Springs Church (705 Osuna RD, ABQ, NM 87113).


Get your seatbelt on because this is only the beginning…


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