Band of Brothers and Leadership

One of the most overlooked areas discussed in the church is that of leadership. As a church planter and pastor I have seen the need to understand what good leadership is and requires.

Obviously our fist place to learn about leadership is in the Bible and really studying the life of Jesus. However, by God’s grace we can and should learn from outside sources, whether leadership books from the business world, or in movies, history books and other places as well.

The 10 part series, “Band of Brothers” is one of the best places to learn about what good leadership is and isn’t. The series follows the 506th Parachute Infantry Division who are in the 101st Airborne during World War Two. The first episode starts with the group in training before heading to Europe and D-Day. By episode 10 the war has ended, the horrors of the holocaust have been seen and the division has lost a lot of men from that first episode.

Before every episode there are interviews with the surviving members of the “Band of Brothers” who really trained and fought in WWII. These interviews make this series real, authentic and full of emotion for the viewer.

How is this series so good for learning about leadership? Especially leadership in the church? Simple, as pastors we are engaged and on the front lines of spiritual warfare, we are leading people who are in their  own battles as well. We are leading people on mission to spread the name of Jesus in a foreign land, they will meet hostility. Watching how men such as Major Dick Winters led when emotions were high and danger was imminent is so valuable and encouraging. Seeing how Lt. Sobel and Lt. Dike failed as leaders by worrying about ego and personal safety are lessons all leaders need to see and learn from. Watching how “the mission” is what forms community and family more than just talking and studying together, helps to guide a pastor to lead his people into authentic Gospel Centered living.

Any church planter or leader would benefit greatly from watching “Band of Brothers”, as would those he leads.


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