Make a Plan to Read the Bible and Get your “Mind Right” in 2012

The new year always brings about thoughts of “how this year can be different”. While in many ways this is not helpful and usually ends in disappointment and failure, there is something to planning how to approach the year. Planning out how you will date your wife, spend time with your kids, put money in savings among other things are not bad things.

One area I highly recommend planning out is your Bible reading. Not in a legalistic, “If I fail I am a bad Christian” type of way, but in a “I love Jesus and want to spend time with Him” way.

I can hear some say, “But Los isn’t that being legalistic?”. My answer is, no. Discipline is not the same as legalism. Legalism is about finding your salvation and standing with God by your works. Discipline is making a plan, and being intentional with important matters while still finding your worth before God in Jesus alone.

So work towards being disciplined this year. One of the key areas for my life is in starting everyday in the Word of God. I have tried to do it at night, at lunch time, but for me the morning is best. To have the Word of God on my mind all day helps me get through the day and in the right state of mind.

It helps keep my “mind right”. What’s that mean? When I worked for the UNM basketball team I noticed that as we would head to the game on the bus the players would have their headphones on and were jamming to music. The music was their way of getting their mind and focus in the right place to prepare to play the game.

It is not different for us with the Bible. For me, reading the Bible in the morning is like rocking the headphones on the way to the gym, as I get ready for the day, God’s Word gets my mind right. So plan to get your mind right every morning in 2012.

Need help with a plan? Justin Taylor has a post with a number of plans you can choose from, I am doing this one this year.



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