A Few Thoughts on Church Planting

Planting a church is like nothing I have ever embarked on. In many ways, I have felt closer to Jesus and further away from Him than in any other point in my Christian life. I have been humbled and also been puffed up with pride. I have felt the pain of making hard decisions and the pain of not.


Planting a church is truly something that has been taxing and rewarding. It has reminded me that if we are do anything big for the sake of the Gospel there will be a cost involved but the reward is worth it. The reward in seeing people meet Jesus.


A few things I have learned along the way are:


-What I thought I knew as a cocky young adult pastor I really didn’t.

-Preaching and leading a diverse flock, not just a group of 20 somethings is a whole different animal.

-Leaders will rise up in ways you didn’t have planned in your org. chart.

-Saying it is “all about Jesus” and actually living in that truth are really 2 different things. One doesn’t necessarily lead to another.

-If you don’t have thick skin and a firm grasp of the gospel you will drown in the sea of rejection and betrayal.

-Leadership development is one of the most important things you can focus your time on.

-Don’t promise anything because you will always under deliver.

-Listen to those around you, especially you wife.

-Love you kids, shepherd them first, plant the gospel in them before you worry about planting a church.

-Don’t expect everyone to be cheering you on, many will cheer you to defeat.

-Pastors are a petty and jealous bunch, I speak for myself especially.

-Books are important, people are more important.

-Pray, pray and pray and then pray some more before anything.

-Love your church because of Jesus not because of how you can use them.

-Preach the gospel at all times and make sure to use words as often as possible, especially when standing in front of a mirror.


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