Update on My Mom- A New Option

I cannot thank all of you for your prayers and love towards our family this past week. I wanted to share an update and ways to pray for this new news.

On Wednesday my mother’s doctor called to inform her that she there was one more medicine worth trying. This was after 48 hours of an emotional roller coaster. The doctor did not say this would work but that it was worth trying to give my mom some more time. After prayer and discussion my parents decided to try this medicine. This morning my mom had her first treatment and will have one once a week. The doctors will watch my mom’s cancer numbers to see if this medicine is working.

So how can you pray now?

The Truth from the post I put up on Monday doesn’t change. We ultimately do not hold onto medicine as our Savior, but to Jesus and Him alone. However we do ask you to pray that this medicine would work and would lower my mother’s cancer numbers. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they treat my mother. And continue to pray that we hold firmly and completely onto Jesus and Trust that what He will do with this is right, good and glorifying to Him.

I would also ask you to think about your hope, read my first post if you haven’t, and realize that while my mom’s condition is serious, all our conditions before the Lord who we will all one day see is infinitely more so. Do you hold onto Jesus and Him Alone? If not, don’t wait, call out to Him now, He will answer, He will save, He will show His love that flows from the cross, repent (turn from what you hope in that isn’t Jesus) and trust Jesus.

I will put updates here as we get them. Again thanks for the love and prayers!!!


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