The Dream Team vs Team USA 2012

Pic from NBA.COM

Who would win in a game between the 1992 USA Olympic “Dream Team” or this year’s USA Olympic Team?

Yesterday I posted that the ’92 team would win by 25. Today I want to explain why.

The ’12 team is by far more athletic and is much quicker than the ’92 team. They are younger too. It would be hard to see Larry Bird keeping up with Kobe, LeBron or Durant.

So that would give the ’12 team a much quicker step and probably an early 1st quarter lead. However that will only get that squad so far. Soon the ’92 team would show where they are dominant and why they would end up blowing out this year’s team.

Mental toughness.

Simply put, the players today are softer than ever.

If you have watched NBA TV’s “The Dream Team” you have heard the stories of Jordan wanting to match up vs Magic and Barkley wanting to go at Malone. These players were not interested in “teaming up” they wanted to see who was the best.

This is not the case today. So many players want to form the next “Big 3”, all for a ring. Instead of wanting to face the best and see who ends up on top they want to join forces, thus negating competition. Much of this is the lack of competition in the world today. We live in such a “self-esteem” culture that wants to affirm mediocrity that greatness has become something devalued and even discouraged. This has hurt sports and the athelete. If we are all “winners” than no one is a “winner”.

This mentality is evident in players like Durant, James, Anthony and Westbrook. The only player that has that “old school” intensity still is Kobe. This is not a knock on these young men, most of whom seem like great guys, they are simply a result the culture around them.

How the game would go:

These “young guns” would get that early lead. But soon MJ, Magic, Bird, Barkley and the rest would have that look in their eyes. You know, that look. The look that says “I am going to rip your heart out or go down trying”. There would be some hard fouls, there would be some talking, and there would be a lesson taught to today’s players. A lesson in mental toughness and competition, a lesson badly needed.

In the end, the ’92 team would win by 20+ and the ’12 team would learn that no matter what city you take your talents to, winning is about heart, desire and toughness, something lacking in an age of esteem, fame and holding hands.


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