Don’t Wait…

It has been 3 weeks since I held my mom’s hand as she passed from this life.We have had her service to honor and remember her life. Yet there are still parts of me that think I can still call her, talk to her and hear her voice. I know one day that will be true, well not the calling as I am not sure there are phones in heaven, yet there is still that void. There is so much I still want to tell my mom, so much I want her to tell me. In all of this something has hit me that I want to share and encourage you with. Don’t wait to say “I love you”.
I was so blessed that the very last words I spoke to my mom before she passed was “I love you”. I would give anything to be able to say those words again to her now. Yet one thing I regret is not going to visit her the 2 days prior. I was busy, but in light of everything, that busyness was on really unimportant things. Had I known what was coming on Tuesday, I would have been there on Sunday and Monday. Yet I didn’t know, and that’s the point.

None of us know what tomorrow or the next 5 minutes will hold. We walk as though we do. We say “I will get to that later” on crucial things we will regret not doing if we don’t. Maybe we are having a fight with someone close to us and we don’t want to admit we are wrong, or forgive them. Let me plead with you, don’t wait. Enjoy the time you have with one another. You will regret it if you don’t. We assume so much in this life, we take so much for granted. Take it from someone who is on this side of pain and loss, don’t wait to reconcile, don’t wait to call and say “hi”, don’t wait to go visit.

I would give anything to have another day with my mom. But until heaven that isn’t happening. Until then though, I can savior my family gatherings and even my dad’s jokes. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

Now that you’re done reading this go text, call or visit, don’t wait!


One thought on “Don’t Wait…

  1. Keri Griego Baugh

    I try to read this weekly, Bro, to remind myself not to wait. I was sad that Dan and I weren’t there at the very time she passed, but I’m glad we were there to talk to and see her the last days of her life. She was an angel on earth, and now she is an angel in heaven. I feel that she looks down upon us now and watches over us.


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