To My Mom on Her 63rd Birthday


So it is the first birthday that you are with Jesus and not here with us. I am not going to lie, it is hard and I miss you. I know you are having the time of your life with Jesus in His glory. This side of Heaven you are missed greatly. I miss your voice, your urges for me to rest and your calls “just to check in”. I miss your laugh and how nervous you get during Lobo Basketball games, it was a good season by the way, and the future is bright. I miss your love and passion for your grandchildren, who miss you too by the way. You were such an awesome mom, still are, because you legacy lives on, you are such a wonderful person.


So many people love you and miss you. You touched a lot of lives during your time here. Dad misses you tons, which is how it should be I suppose. He is an awesome man who loves me and my family well. He loves your grandchildren and spoils them, which I know you wanted. Redemption Church is growing and in a good place. Can you believe it is almost a year since you were baptized, as our first baptism, at the church?!? I do miss seeing you in the front sitting next to dad, and taking notes as I preached. But know what you are hearing now is infinitely better than whatever finite words I could say.


There are still times when I want to call you and ask you a question or just to say hi. Those times are hard, really hard, and happen daily, but knowing that you are with Jesus and that cancer is not touching you anymore makes all the difference.


Anyway I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, let you know you are really missed, and that I am excited one day to see you again! We will carry on here, cheering on the Lobos, and enjoying the legacy you have left us with. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.


Your Bubby,




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