A Father’s Love and Legoland

photo (1)

11 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11 (ESV)

Over the past few days we have been in California. We spent some time with my wife’s family as well as a couple of days at Legoland. It was at Legoland that I was taught an awesome theological lesson in God’s love. Brayden, our middle child, started to get sick on Sunday night and by the time we got to Legoland on Tuesday he had a fever, a cough and was overall not feeling well. First a bit of background on Brayden, he is a cute kid, an energetic kid, but also a kid that gets sick a lot. He has missed his sister’s past 2 birthday parties due to being sick. So when he began to get sick earlier this week my heart sank. I started to worry that he would miss out on being able to go to Legoland. I was determined for this to not be the case. We took him to Urgent Care here in CA, got him some meds and made sure he got rest.


Our first day at Legoland was rough. He was tired and not excited about much. Except the Lego Cityscapes (He is standing in front of Lego NYC in the pic above), he loved the Lego Mini Cities. Today however he woke up with energy, excitement and a willingness to go on every ride. I was wanted nothing more than for him and his brother and sister to enjoy and really experience Legoland. And after 8 hours of fun, rides, and Legomania I believe success was achieved.

It was in my joy of my kid’s joys, especially Brayden’s, that I got a glimpse of God’s love for us. My heart sank when I knew Brayden might miss out on what I knew would bring him joy and a smile to his face. I find joy, I find “glory” as a dad when my kids are happy. I think this is the same as God for us. He is after all our Heavenly Father. I believe that God’s passion for us is to find joy, ultimately in Him. Not because he is some kind of weird egotistical deity but that he is an amazing, perfect, passionate and determined loving Dad. God wants us to be happy, to find joy, because we are his kids and like I, in my imperfect way, was so eager for my sick child to have fun, enjoy Legoland and smile a lot, so God’s will for us is to know Him and there find joy, have fun (how can you find true joy and not have fun?!?) and yes smile a lot!

God love us. You are loved by a Father who wants you to find joy, to smile and to get lost in the wonder of eternity. God is not some mean rule giver, or some dry, white-robed old man, rather He is a Father who loves us, who wants us to find joy, and who is willing to go to great lengths for us to find it.


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