Resolutions for 2014

1532111_10100586808627717_1235097970_nI am sitting beautiful San Diego (well to be specific the not so beautiful SD Airport) waiting to board a plane to beautiful Albuquerque. Unfortunately because the rest of the country is not so beautiful (in reference to current weather conditions) I am delayed here in the terminal. What this delay has helped me think through is what 2014 will look like for my life. I realize I am a day late in talking about “resolutions” but I was enjoying the wonder of Legoland with 3 kids 7 and under so really didn’t have time to think about this until now.

First a word about resolutions. I know many are not excited about declaring resolutions because it sets up some sort of law that if they do not meet equals a failed year. Some do not like them because they tend to over spiritualize everything and think resolutions are anti-grace and gospel, that is just weird to me. I like resolutions because they provide a road map, a challenge and excitement in regards to possibilities. Sure some resolutions will not work out for a variety of reasons, however this does not stop me from making them. I don’t put my identity in whether I accomplish all my goals, but I like to be challenged and like to have a list of things I want to see done before the next ball drops in NYC.

So with that said, here are my resolutions for 2014 (These are personal resolutions, not resolutions I have for Redemption Church,  but I do believe these will benefit and strengthen my ministry there too):

1. Make Memories With My Family

I want 2014, and every year for that matter, to be about enjoying the time I’ve been given with my family. This means being intentional to do things that we will remember with a smile. It could be a fun vacation (like the one we just had) or just a fun meal, family night or project we do together, just so long as it is something we can look back on with joy.

2. Read the Bible and Fight Assumptions

It is easy to be chained to the theological tribe/tradition that you have grown up with. When we do that we read the bible with certain lenses that in many ways we never question or doubt. I want 2014 to be a year that I fight off assumptions when I read the Bible, in other words I want to take the Bible for what it is, wrestle with it on my own and not just run back to the answers provided by my tribe/tradition.

3. Read More, Read Widely

This is related to #2 in that I want to venture outside, sometimes far outside, my tribe/tradition and read a variety of books. I want to finish 2-3 books a week. I want to do this not in a hasty way, but in a way where I engage the author, interact, argue and learn from them. This means reading people who I know I may not agree with but entering into each book with a humble and teachable spirit.

4. Run, Run, Run

From spring to early fall of last year I developed a love and habit of running 2-3 times each week. I went from not being able to run for 30 seconds without being out of breathe to running up to 5 miles. That discipline faded as we entered the colder months and I want that to change. I would like to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) sometime in the fall of 2014, which forces me to train and discipline myself more.

5. Write More

As a pastor I have a platform to preach, speak and teach. However I also know that that is God’s platform and not mine. I want to journal more, I want to do this daily. I also want to use this blog to share thoughts, doubts, and other notions that I am working out or have worked out usually from my journal writings. I am an introvert and find Twitter and this blog as a place for me to engage and express myself in a way that I am not comfortable doing in social spheres.

Anyway there are the 5 resolutions for 2014. If you see me around, follow me on twitter or are a friend on Facebook ask me how I am doing on these 5 from time to time, I know I can and will need the nudge.


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