Thankful for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last night our family took time to thank God for the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His courage, his love, and his dedication to equality regardless of skin color has echoed through the years. The fact that we have an African American President should be celebrated and also thought of as an outflow to all of Dr. King’s work. As a Christian I am made fully aware of the truth that all people regardless of skin color are made in the image of God and with the same inherent value that comes from our Creator. This above all other differences should humble me, and also cause me to respect and love my fellow man.

Take some time today to pause and reflect, thank God, and celebrate one of our country’s greatest heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Below is one way to do that, it is a video of the “I Have a Dream Speech”, please watch, maybe even show your kids this video and talk about the evil of racism and the God glorifying beauty of the diversity and tapestry that is humanity.


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