My Daughter’s Slumber Party: Lessons from the Frontlines

This past weekend we celebrated Jordyn’s birthday by welcoming 10 girls over for a slumber party. This was the first slumber party we have hosted, I am sure not the last. While I knew it would be crazy, I really had no idea what to expect. Below are a few lessons I learned.


1. Girl Drama Is Something That Scares Me.

I mean like really scares me. There was not much drama, but a there were a couple of minor instances that I came across, and honestly I had no idea what to do. When my daughter cries I feel I can handle it well, discuss and help her, but when a few girls cry about various things I felt like a deer in headlights. It just made me thankful for my wife who can handle such situations, and for having an office where I could go and hide at those moments.


2. Girls Know Pop Songs.

We decided to have a dance party. Which meant me throwing on the “Kidz Bop” Pandora station. This station consisted of pop hits that are fun to dance to. Without reading the song and artist title I am pretty sure I was unable to name any of them. The girls however, that is a different stories, they were able to sing the lines, talk about versions on YouTube and give brief bios on the artist. It was impressive, and made me feel old, like “I’m like my dad” old.


3. Boys Wanna Have Fun.

My boys who are 5 and 4 had a blast. They loved dancing, in fact Cody seemed to find his calling as a future raver, and playing the games with the girls. It was a sweet fun of just playing with their sister’s friends. It did occur to me that eventually they will be excited for Jordyn’s slumber parties for entirely different reasons, and for that I need to be prepared and ready to have some dad-son talks. For now though it is all about the rave, at least for Glowstick Cody.


4. Technology and Kids

One of the older girls brought her smart phone and was pulling up games and videos. Another girl asked her if she had an instagram account. This made me realize that part of parenting today is interacting and guiding use of technology. Our kids will need to be proficient in technology if they want to succeed, but the danger lies in being proficient and being addicted. My kids are just wading into these waters, we limit the use of apps and games quite a bit, maybe too much, but I know that as time goes this will be something we will have to think long and hard about.


5. Little Kids are Crazy and Awesome.

It was a tiring, crazy and noisy experience. Girls were still awake past midnight talking and giggling. There was lots of running around and craziness. Seeing parents arrive to pick up their girls was somewhat like Christmas morning. However in the midst of it all, it also was something to enjoy and savor. My little girl is 8, yeah 8! I know soon I will be saying 18, and so for the time being I am going to enjoy the crazy, messy and noisy life of having a 8-year-old girl and 5 and 4-year-old boys, oh and one little girl on the way. Time moves too fast to not just sit in the loud, crazy mess and just smile sometimes.



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