Story Matters

I have been thinking a lot about the power of story. The power of getting caught up in a bigger story than ourselves, but also listening to our own personal stories and journeys and how transforming that is.

Below are some really great quotes from Shauna Niequist, they are found in her introduction to “Speak: How Your Story Can Change The World” by Nish Weiseth.

And this is why story matters. Because when you listen to a story, you have to give up your stereotypes and your labels. Because stories crawl out of the boxes every chance they get. Because stories zig when we think they’ll zag. Stories surprise us around every corner. Stories reach out and grab our labels and shred them to confetti.

A wise friend of mine is teaching me to ask this question every time I disagree with someone, and especially when I disagree in a visceral way: “How did that person come to feel this way?” Essentially, he’s teaching me to ask, “What part of this person’s story do I need to know to understand what he or she is telling me right now?”

Story draws us together, hands and voices and memories. It bridges the distances we’ve created, because we thought the distance would keep us safe. It doesn’t. It only keeps us lonely.


You can get “Speak” on Amazon here.


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