Monday Mind Dump…

I want to start giving thoughts regarding the previous week, and really the previous Sunday at Redemption Church here. I am inspired to do this via other pastor’s blogs and figured this was a good way to start this blog back up…


  • Saturday was Lauren and I’s 11 year anniversary.
  • It has been an amazing 11 years, with ups and downs, good and bad, life and death and above all God’s grace going before us.
  • We tried new ABQ Cheesecake Factory, it was packed and it was delicious, also our anniversary falls on “National Cheesecake Day”, so 1/2 priced cheesecakes too!
  • Sunday was Redemption Church’s “Bar-B-Que in the Park” (Picture Above)
  • It was a huge success, a better turnout than I honestly was expecting.
  • Met many people from neighborhood who ate with us.
  • Kickball was fun and got competitive, I have a feeling a rematch will be taking place soon.
  • Sunday also marked the final of 3 guest preachers we had at Redemption Church.
  • These preachers came from North Church, and all of them did a great job on Romans 8.
  • I was sad to not preach through Romans 8 but was excited to give these guys an opportunity to test, refine and grow gifts in preaching.
  • Thankful for North Church and all they have meant for Redemption.
  • Time away from pulpit was refreshing and helped me refocus on my call, passion and excitement for Redemption Church.
  • I am very excited to be back preaching on Sunday in Romans 9 and for the next month at Redemption Church.
  • I told the church yesterday that we serve a Big God who is and I believe will use our small church in great ways in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and beyond.

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