Monday Mind Dump 8.8.16

Each week I try to share thoughts about the previous Sunday/Week in life of ministry and walking with Christ. This is more a brainstorming, so the thoughts are quick and may seem random.


  • It felt great to be back in the pulpit and preaching again.
  • Romans 9 is such a deep and beautiful chapter.
  • Never noticed how important the first few verses are to understanding the chapter as a whole.
  • Seeing Paul’s heart and sorry for his people, seeing the “anguish” is crucial because this chapter can be seen as just a theological treatise.
  • Romans 9 is a chapter that at the end of it should leave us in awe of the bigness of our infinite God.
  • We had visitors from our BBQ at the park, it was awesome to see the church love and welcome them in.
  • Always amazed at the level of talent and gifting that our little church as musically, yesterday’s time of worship was amazing and moving, Jared does a great job!
  • Always great to use technology to God’s glory, like being able to Skype part of our church family who are on the other side of the planet.
  • Excited to talk about Romans 10 this week and the call for us, as Christians, to be on mission, to be evangelists.
  • God is amazing and in his sovereignty of his perfect plan, he calls us to come along, to proclaim the gospel and watch him work.
  • We miss out on so much when we do not do this, we miss out on seeing the glory and awesome transforming power of our God.
  • Praying this Sunday is impactful on our church to share the gospel more and more.




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