Monday (On Tuesday) Mind Dump 8.16.16

Each week I share random thoughts about the previous week and previous Sunday at Redemption Church. This is a way to help me think through, learn and reflect as I continue to seek to grow as a man, husband, father and pastor.


  • I started sermon prep last week thinking I would preach all of Romans 10, that changed quick.
  • I have learned it is better to be OK with cutting one sermon into two rather than cramming it all in one.
  • This week I wanted people to see the beauty of God’s Grace in His love and attainment of Righteousness for us in Christ.
  • It is amazing how, while reading Romans, so many of the parables of Jesus come to mind.
  • I am really, really excited for this week’s sermon, it is all about gospel and mission. Understanding Paul’s missional heart will be crucial for this week.
  • 1st week of school is upon us, I cannot believe I have a 5th grader! All the kids are growing so fast, reminds me of the importance of being present and enjoying every moment with them.
  • Just finished Lecrae’s book “Unashamed”. It was such a great read. While i am not a rapper, or musically talented, I could really relate to his story of wandering, striving for acceptance and God’s grace.
  • I am hooked on the Olympics. The US Swimmers were so impressive and dominate, especially Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps. Such a joy to watch great athletes compete and leave it all out there.



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